About Us

Dan-D Foods Ltd., formerly known as Dan On & Associates Ltd., was founded by Dan On in March of 1989 in Richmond BC, Canada.

Once famous for its world-class cashews, Dan On’s company has been expanding into new markets over the years.

Today, Dan-D Foods Group Global operates its business in six countries, and distributes its products, with recent expansions, as far as Australia.

Under the Dan-D Foods umbrella, we now have three well-established brands: Dan-D-Pak™, Dan-D Bulk™ and Dan-D Organic™. Our portfolio currently includes more than 2,000 SKUs.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our commitment to quality is our priority. Our plants around the world employ consistent high quality standards – monitored by our quality control department, as well as external organizations, including CCOF, ISO, BC Kosher and Orthodox Union.
  • Our commitment to customers. At Dan-D Foods we realize that our customers’ success is our success. This is why we tailor our products and programs to the individual needs of our clientele. As a global, fast paced company, we have access to world commodities and resources, without losing the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit that got us to where we are today.
  • Our commitment to consumers. With our vast portfolio of nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes, grains and cereals, we proudly contribute to the healthy diets of the people we serve.
  • Our commitment to the community. Through various initiatives Dan-D Foods Group Global continuously supports those less fortunate. From orphanages and schools to supporting local food banks, we make it our mandate to give back to the communities in which we live.

Covid Risk Mitigation Action Plan