Amber’s travels in January, 2012

This year Dan-D Foods sent some staff to Vietnam on a golf tournament and I was fortunate enough to go and make my first trip to Asia.  Having never been to Vietnam before, my eyes were wide open to the culture and the many different foods.  Often we would start our days with Dan-D Pak Goji Oatmeal – of course, a hot bowl of soup, and Vietnamese coffee which was delicious!  The coffee consists of espresso beans and condensed milk.  You could drink it on ice or hot.  I chose to drink it on ice as it was hot in Vietnam!

The first golf course we played on was called Song Be Golf Resort just minutes from where we stayed in Ho Chi Mihn.  A day of golf includes your very own caddy, which could really improve your game.  My team and I played on the Palm course for the first nine holes and the Desert course for the last nine holes – both challenging courses.  The desert course is the newest and most challenging course.

The second course we played at was the SeaLinks Golf and Country Club located in the beach resort area, Mui Ne Phan Thiet of Vietnam.  It was an absolutely gorgeous course with sun and wind every day.  It was here that I hit directly onto the green in one shot. Definitely a highlight of the game for me!  During our stay in Phan Thiet, Dan On, President of Dan-D Foods, cooked some amazing seafood for us.  I tried the fresh, local crab, prawns and snails and they were all delicious.  Some other highlights of the trip were all the fresh and tropical fruits, pho soup and sugar cane juice squeezed freshly for you on the spot.

I returned home from Vietnam for about a week and then Monika from Marketing and I, were off to San Francisco for the Fancy Food show from January 15 to 17.  This was an excellent show for us and we met with many customers who we want to do business with in the USA.  Monika and I went to support our newly expanded office in Fresno, California.

It was only another week until Ana from Marketing and I, went off to Köln, Germany. We attended the annual ISM show from January 29 to Feb 1. This show focuses on snacks and confectionery products and is held in Europe every year.  We saw people from Chile, Turkey, Romania, Italy, England, Russia, Spain, Mexico, USA and Vancouver, BC!  It seems as though there is a lot of potential for us all throughout the world.  Once again, we ate some amazing food.  Köln is known for its local beer Kolsch, pork leg, sauerkraut, fried potatoes and/or spaetzle.  We also indulged in the most amazing baked goods like pretzels, apple strudels, chocolate croissants and freshly baked buns.  One day after the show, we stopped at a sausage stop or the “fast food” of Germany, and had Bratwurst or Bockwurst with mustard and a fresh bun.   Ana and I both left with a good selection of chocolate from Germany as well.  I must say that Germans make good chocolate!

It was amazing that through all the traveling I did in January, the universal language was kindness, good manners and making people laugh.  When communicating with people from all around the world, these traits were the most welcomed, recognized and appreciated.

Each trip has left an imprint and will leave me influenced forever.

Loi tam biet and auf wiedersehen!