Dan-D Feature Store of the Month: Donald’s Market

Donald’s Market has been one of Dan-D Foods most loyal and successful retail partners for many years. With stores located in New Westminster and Vancouver, they have been
a store chain that has built a reputation for quality and service to many people across the lower mainland since 1986.

Since they first opened their first store, Donald’s Market stores have evolved from mostly produce with a small selection of essential grocery to a store renowned for its wide selection of common and uncommon products. Today they are known for carrying just about everything you need to run a household, including food, drinks, personal care products, cleaning supplies, kitchen tools, pet supplies, and more.

I recently stopped by Donald’s Market located in New Westminster to talk to Store Manager Eric Sui. Eric was very friendly and show me where all our Dan-D-Pak products were merchandised across the store. I asked him what he liked the most our products and he graciously replied.

“The Dan-D-Pak brand is renowned for its great value and quality. We get many customers that ask us to bring in more Dan-D-Pak products. I personally love how the company constants update their packaging; it really stands out of the shelf and helps push sales.”

Donald’s Market carries a variety of Dan-D products including our nuts, dried fruits, crunchy rice snacks, trail mixes and snacking tub line. Most recently they ordered our new
Easter Quinoa Preloaded shipper, preloaded with organic quinoa, organic cranberries, slivered almonds and thyme. The shipper also comes with tear-off recipe cards with easy
cooking instructions.