Five “Must Do” Things to do for Your Mom on Mother’s day!





Bed Tea and Morning Breakfast

Surprise her in bed with breakfast which she would love. Go to her room and wake her up with a good morning kiss. While serving, give her a tight hug or a kiss and smile that would keep her happy and energetic all through the day.

Buy Her a Gift

It can be anything. It can be some perfume or jewelry or a dress or a simple bouquet of flowers. Anything she talked about randomly on the dinner table. Buy something which she needs and couldn’t find time to buy or didn’t consider her need important. No matter how ordinary it might seem to you, it will be the most special gift for her.

Help Her with Household Chores

If she is doing dishes, you can place them in the cupboard. If she is ironing, you can hang the dresses. In this way both of you will spend time together. She would find the work entertaining and not tiring.

Spend Time with Her

Think about what she loves and what she has wanted on other ordinary days. Make them happen and make this day special for your mother. Do anything that she has ever loved.

Apologize to Her

If you made her angry or upset, ask for forgiveness. Mother’s day is all about strengthening your relationship with your mother. Show your mother how much you care with a heartfelt apology!