From Our Kitchen to Yours

At Dan-D Foods we are always expanding our catalogue and developing new products. From our Chili Club to recently launched Grains and Baking Mixes, we are constantly working on bringing our customers and consumers the best quality products.

Last fall, I had the opportunity to work with our in-house Chef Evelyn Hsieh on coming up with four unique recipes of Grains Mixes. I have been fond of cooking for the past few years and it was wonderful being able to spend time in the kitchen with Chef Evelyn. It was fun experimenting with various combinations of spices with each of the grains. The concept behind this new product line is to offer consumers a quick and easy meal solution.

The four products in our new line of Grains Mixes include Couscous Mediterranean Twist, Brown Rice Cajun Kick, Quinoa Western Medley and lastly, my favourite Basmati Rice Taste of India. Growing up with delicious homemade Indian meals and a love for spices, my taste buds were really put to the test when experimenting with this recipe. Evelyn gave me her input and recommendations every step of the way in terms of which spices to add and which ones to scale back.

We’re also excited about our three new Baking Mixes. Evelyn put her magic into coming up with a new and improved formula for our Buttermilk Pancake Mix and also developed new recipes which are Golden Gingerbread and Cranberry & Pecan Cookie Mixes. The pancakes are light and fluffy and aren’t overly sweet, while the cookies make for a perfect treat!

A great feature of the Grains and Baking Mixes is that they are packed in our tall square jars for great shelf presence. The pack sizes are larger than competing brands, providing greater value per 100g.

We hope that you enjoy them as much as we all do!







Monika Mukherjee

Marketing Co-ordinator