Myth Busters, Food Edition – Top 3 Myths About Foods

3. Fat free foods are calorie free

Many people who want to lose weight will eat “low fat” foods believing they are going to lose weight. In addition, they tend to eat more of the low fat food than they would have if it were full fat. What really matters when dieting is calories, eat fewer calories than you burn and you will lose weight. One interesting fact that most people don’t know is that when fat is removed from food a lot of the flavour is removed as well, therefore extra sugars and chemicals are often added to give back the flavour.

2. Fresh fruit is better than dried fruit

Many people often say that fresh fruit is much healthier and nutritious than dried fruit. If you are looking for vitamin ‘c’, then fresh fruit is best, but other than that, dried fruit contains just as many nutrients and sugar for energy as fresh fruit. The same is true of canned or frozen fruit.

1. Decaffeinated coffee contains no caffeine

Most people believe that the term “decaff” refers to coffee that is completely free of caffeine. Although the beans may have less caffeine in them, they still contain traces. If you have an allergy to caffeine, you should probably keep away from all forms of coffee including decaff. The method of removing caffeine also means that many other chemicals that are essential to the taste of coffee is lost. For those who can cope with caffeine, you will have a nicer tasting drink if you just opt for regular coffee.


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