New Chocolate Series

Dan-D Foods is proud to introduce our new line of premium chocolate just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Our chocolate series is a handful of carefully selected flavours created by a local chocolatier with a reputation for excellence. These chocolates use the finest Dan-D Foods products, such as our cranberries, ginger, macadamia nuts, coffee beans, cashews, blueberries and almonds. They are the same ingredients we package in our Dan-D-Pak branded products. We can guarantee once you give these chocolates a try you will always come back for more.

Creating fine chocolates is a very complicated and unique process. In order to get a taste that has its own unique identity, ingredients from all over the world are used in the chocolate recipes. The chocolate uses a blend of cocoa from places such as Brazil, Ghana, Mexico and Columbia. Only the perfect mixture procures the deliciously rich chocolate taste.

In addition, we really worked hard on creating eye catching and attention grabbing packaging. We hired a team of the most renowned designers in Taiwan to come up with a concept that made our product have a sharp and high end feel to them.

This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day with the perfect gift for your lady or loved ones, the gift of chocolate.