New Machine

Dan-D Foods has purchased a new pouch bagging machine for our head office located in Richmond. The new machine, the M7 Pouch Bagger is designed to work with many different styles of pre-made bags and pouches. Bags are loaded on top and are transferred to the filling area using vacuum cups and a guided air cylinder. Sensors assure that the pouch is in position and it is properly opened. A Transition Chute is inserted to prevent product spillage. After filling, the pouch is sealed and released through the front of the machine.

One of the main reasons for the purchase was to keep up with the demand generated by our offices and business partners in Asia. The demand of Dan-D-Pak products is at its all-time high in regions such as Hong Kong, Japan and China.

Dan-D Foods will use the new machine to package oats and cereals such as our rolled oats, quick oats, muesli s and granola’s. The sky is the limit in terms of future product development potential. Our President and CEO Dan On is very optimistic about the possibilities.