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Goji Omega Boost Oatmeal, 40g

Product Code: 000328
Pack Size: 50 / 40g
Country of Origin: Canada

Nutrition Facts

Valeur nutritive

 40 g 40 g

Amount % Daily Value
Teneur % valeur quotidienne
Calories / Calories 160
Fat / Lipides 4 g 6 %
Saturated / saturés 0 g 0 %
+Trans / trans 0
Cholesterol / Cholestérol 0 mg
Sodium / Sodium 15 mg 1 %
Carbohydrate / Glucides 26 g 9 %
Fiber / Fibres 5 g 20 %
Sugars/Sucres 3 g
Protein / Protéines 6 g
Vitamin A / Vitamine A 0 %
Vitamin C / Vitamine C 4 %
Calcium / Calcium 6 %
Iron / Fer 15 %


Quick Oats, Dried Goji Berry, Blueberries, GroundFlax Seeds, Whole Flax Seeds. May Contain Traces Of Wheat, Peanuts, Nuts, Soy Or Sulphite.

UPC Each: 770795003288

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12 thoughts on “Goji Omega Boost Oatmeal, 40g

  1. What is the breakdown of nutrients, i.e., potassium, magnesium, zinc, B vits, omega EFAs, etc., in Gogi Omega Boost Oatmeal

    • Hi Sue,

      I’m afraid the information you are asking for is unavailable. Please refer to the nutrition facts information on tha package for general information.

      Thank you!

    • Hello,

      You can get this product at:

      Ocean Fresh Market
      4557 Hurontario St. Unit B-1
      Mississauga, ON
      L4Z 3M1

      Have a nice day,

      Ian Cheng, Marketing

    • Hi Julie,

      You can purchase this product at any Thrifty Foods. There is one located on 15745 Croydon Drive, Surrey.

      Have a nice day.

      Ian Cheng, Marketing

  2. Hi I am trying to find Goji omega boost oatmeal
    in Edmonton north west, the sobys I have been using have stopped selling it. Any ideas, Thanks. Ray

    • Hello Ray,

      The following stores carry this product, but I would highly recommend calling them first to make sure the product is in stock.
      Army & Navy (Londonderry mall)
      Lucky 97 market (97th street)
      Lucky supermarket North (127th street)
      T&T supermarket (Edmonton mall)

      Dan-D-Pak marketing team

  3. I recently ran out of this oat meal and now I can’t find it anywhere, and have been told this product is discontinued . Is this true?

    I live in Winnipeg , MB. Where can I get more, or can I purchase this product directly through the company?

    Looking forward to your response.

    • Hi Ken,

      We still carry this product but packaged differently. You may go to any store in Winnipeg that carries our product and request that the manager bring it in for you. Our code for the small packaged ones is 000335 now.
      Unfortunately, we do not currently sell directly to consumers.

      Thanks for your interest in our products. Have a great day!

      Celia Chung