Overnight Triple Berry Oats Parfait

This is a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast for those who are rushing out the door for work in the mornings! You can prepare these overnight everyday, but I prefer to make enough for a few days, separate them into small mason jars and leave them in the fridge until served.


Dan-D Rolled Oats

Organic Greek Yogurt, or any type of yogurt
Tips: I prefer using Organic Greek Yogurt with no flavouring because the berries and honey already add sweetness, but you may choose to use flavoured yogurt to enhance the fruit flavors.

Manuka honey, or any type of honey

Frozen berries (blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry), or fresh ones
Tips: I prefer using frozen berries because they will melt into the mixture overnight and add sweetness to the oats the next morning!

Granola to sprinkle on top (optional)


In a medium sized bowl, combine the Greek yogurt, Manuka honey, and oats. Stir until evenly distributed. Take out your Mason Jars! Scoop some of the yogurt mixture into the jar. I prefer adding a little more to the bottom layer so the juice from the frozen berries will trickle down overnight. Then, lay the frozen or fresh berries on top of the first layer. Repeat this one more time. Lastly, on the very top of the jar, I usually like to add a layer of fresh strawberries. There you go! You’ll go to bed knowing you have a fresh and healthy breakfast to take to work with you the next day!
Recipe by Jessica Poon