Will you marry me?

It’s a joke: just trying to be funny.


In my recent exploration of the country for cashews, pepper, and kosher fish sauce, I went to Phu Quoc Island which is situated at the tip of Vietnam. The island is off from the mainland which reaches to the Gulf of Thailand.


Within two days, rather than nuts and pepper, I discovered real pearls: a South sea pearl and a Tahiti pearl.


What could I do with real pearls? I thought. Something hits my mind like a strike of lightning. I should buy everyone a ring with a real, solid, pearl!


Would people like it? Who would enjoy it the most? I could not possibly buy a ring for those that work for me as it would create a wrong impression. Therefore I realized that these pearls would be perfect for the nuns at the school for the hearing and speech impairment student!


What a great idea, I thought. I will give pearl rings to all of the sisters and mothers in the church. I’m sure no one has given them a ring before.


During the BC Trade Minister’s visit to our factory in Vietnam, I took the opportunity to introduce the Honorable Minister Teresa Wat to the school for children with hearing impairment: a school that we have been sponsoring since 1992. The school is a part of our list of must-visit sites for all distinguished guests of ours. This allows us to show our guests an example of how we payback to our local community and it allows our guests to understand just how important it is for us to do so.


In our charity program, it is important for us to assist those in need such as the children with hearing and speech impairment. For this reason, we value the nuns who serve and take care of the children. Without the care, devotion, love, and courageousness of the nuns, the children would not have the opportunity to learn, study, and be loved.

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The group of 28 nuns have earned my utmost respect and faith, therefore I wanted to buy every one of them a beautiful pearl ring with a solid white gold band.


Initially I was worried as I was not sure if it would be appropriate to do so. I sent my staff to present my idea to the mother of the church and asked for her blessing before I proceeded with the gifts. As she granted me permission, I praised the Lord for allowing me to gift the nuns.


On Oct 11th, during the Honourable Minister Wat’s visit, Wat and her delegations were busy handing out pencils, cookies, and cheers to 450 students with hearing impairment. Wat and her delegations toured the school and learned the sign language to talk to the kids and visited the kindergarten. They had a wonderful lunch and witnessed us present the beautiful rings to all 28 nuns.

Minister Teresa Wat - Copy

It pleases us to bring so many smiles to people and we would love to share it with everyone reading our newsletter!


Dan-D Foods is proud to be associates with the Thuan An hearing impairment centre which is operated by the group of 28 nuns.


The centre is now overcrowded and therefore Mother Mai An asked me to get involved with her next project: building a new school to accommodate another 500 children with hearing impairment in the coming few years. The project calls for one million US dollars and Dan-D Foods will be sponsoring up to $250,000. It is imperative for the business, community, and church to be involved to help the administration build the new school. To contact and/or donate to the school please email  mariemaianh@hcm.vnn.vn or visit their website: thuongvevietnam.org




2 thoughts on “Will you marry me?

  1. Good morning Dan On,:
    I started writing this email because, as a customer of Budget in Ladner, I wanted to congratulate you for your products and for your marketing skills. The food is delicious and very reasonable to buy, and I also much admire the packaging – attractive and practical.
    So I looked you up, and discovered such an interesting background story, and the very real and commendable humanitarian help you provide to those in need. I am now long retired, but I worked in communications for a leading Lower Mainland social welfare agency and can make a very real connection between your company and the help you facilitate so widely.
    Just wanted to pass along my thoughts on your success and the good work you do – cheers and best wishes to you……..
    Noreen M. Fairweather

  2. A great story! I have a whole new appreciation and respect for the Dan-D Pak company and will be specifically looking for your products as I shop. I wish you much success. Clarence Witten